The Passion

Prêt-à-Pot was founded in 1985 and we have been making functional, beautiful ceramics ever-since.

This handmade range is designed by Nicole Kingston, handmade in South Africa and brings a rich collection that combines craft, colour and functionality. Each season our ranges evolve bringing new colour and shape. Inspiration is drawn from nature.

We manufacture three different types of clay using locally sourced materials. All of our staff are trained in-house and each piece will pass through at least 6 peoples hands before being ready for the kiln. Each person adds their own personal hand-print to the product.

The heat of the kiln is the key in the creation of each piece and dictates the nuances of each colour. True alchemy through fire. From salt pots to planters that are 1 metre high, the results from the kiln and our collective effort bring joy on a daily basis, and are an alternate to mass produced ceramic design.

General Product Information

Our products are available in a number of shapes and finishes with the finishes being interchangeable. We are also able to add/remove lips on the shapes.

Certain finishes are reactive which means that the glazes are designed in a way that no two pots are identical. While they will all have the same colour tone they are designed with a more natural feeling in mind and that results in finishes that vary from pot to pot. Should you wish to have all the finishes the same, a non reactive colour should be selected.

Certain finishes are also designed to age. Should this not be desired, please do speak to us about sealing/glazing options. Sizes are as accurate as the hand-made nature allows.

We use utilise colour tiles and small sample pots for finish reference however it should be noted that because of the size and type of surface, these colour samples should be used as a guideline only when selecting reactive glazes. The reactive glazes do present differently when transferred to a large surface area. If you are unsure as to whether a glaze is reactive or not, please do consult with us so that the best finish for your application can be selected.

The planters are high fired and are frost proof. Tableware is fired to a stoneware temperature and is dishwasher safe

Where to find us

Old Nick Village
Plettenberg Bay
Tel: 044 5334100
13 Sydenham Road
Port Eizabeth
Tel: 041 4844986



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